Yosuke Ushigome

Commoditised Warfare

Commoditised Warfare proposes an alternative world where spectacular events are custom designed to replace traditional warfare as a means of solving seemingly chronic conflicts. Each event is specially designed to reflect the cultural and geopolitical characteristics of the opposing sides. Examples are presented in the form of toy models which are mechanised and physically animated to represent how these events might operate. 

Case A: DONG-GIHWA Deluxe
is a stadium-ship sent to the Sea of Japan to intervene in North Korea’s dispute with South Korea, Japan and the US. Acting as a platform for the UN’s peacekeeping operations, the sport of “Synchronised Baseball” is created for this operation, which combines the mass gymnastics heritage of North Korea with the baseball heritage from the three other countries. 

depicts a cross-national competition where two decorative trucks have been elaborately modified in order to stage a bizarre ceremony across the border between India and Pakistan. Two locals, one from each country, perform a funny walk on the trucks’ elevated catwalks which hover over the border fence. Upon meeting at the centre, the participants end the ceremony with a handshake.

depicts a competition between unmanned vehicles developed for sweeping anti-personnel mines in the Falkland Islands. Using specific design principles inspired by the countries distinct engineering histories, these unmanned devices provide both a service to society and a spectacle as they blow up mines. 

Sound Design:
Sean Clarke
Mark McKeague

Production Support:
Amina Abas-Nazari
Channing Ritter
Daniel Tauber
David Chatting
Johanna Schmeer
Marcel Helmer
Mohammed Ali
Shiori Clark