Julika Welge

DMW / Order For Breakfast

Different Minded Worlds

The Alternative Alternativists are a group who experiment with different ways of thinking that might lead to alternative ways of living. Different Minded Worlds (DMWs) refers to a mental space of experimentation as well as to physical locations that support these activities. They include new experimental societies based on alternative forms of thought, and communities of testing, enquiring and experimentation.

The Rethinkery is a place of education divided into several areas where guests can experience alternative ways of thinking. Participants are trained to adopt new mindsets by experiencing everyday life in new ways. In doing so they gain a new awareness and learn to question routine ways of thinking and the resulting ways of living.

Order For Breakfast documents one section of the Rethinketry which allows guests to taste an obsessivily ordered way of life. People are trained to adopt an alternative mindset where the values of order, discipline and time change radically. In this excessive process the participant’s commitment is challenged  to see if its something they would like to embrace in their life beyond the Rethinkery.