Clemens Winkler

Fictional Materials

By examining questions about uncanny material reactions in real scenarios, this project aims to open up a space where unusual risks and benefits appear. The following material fictions have been used to build up narratives, collaborations, workshops and imagery.

Throughout history, the definition of what materials are and what desired properties would be has changed, from spiritual connotations, to efficient uses in industry, to shaping it through design into new products and environments. This prompts the question of what materials have to be and what new technologies will make out of them. In this project different scenarios have been created — mutating glycerin-jelly mixtures, radiating sugar powder, hypnotizing carbon-fibre coatings and invisible bio-plastics. These experiments are designed to suggest new perceptions and social interactions that make new material values accessible.

Thanks to:
Teresa Schulten,
Daniel Tauber,
Henrik Nieratschker,
Lukas Franciszkiewicz