Bertrand Clerc

Infinite Souvenir

Cumbria, a region in the North-West of England, best known for the Lake District, is subject to radical, large-scale technological programs. Despite being administratively bound to Great Britain, Cumbria is now largely dominated by industrial and economic partnerships between the private sector and local authorities. The companies benefit from a broad consensus within the population and use the territory as an innovation laboratory and “show county” for their technologies.

The Infinite Souvenir is a speculative product, designed and marketed by the nuclear industry. Building on current promises that tomorrow’s power stations will be fuelled with today’s waste, the Infinite Souvenir proposes to transform today’s problem of radioactive waste into a moneymaking investment towards the future. The Infinite Souvenir is also an attempt at shaping the way people perceive the questions around nuclear energy, by trying to trivialise the waste issue and strengthen the discourse that it is cheap and reliable. The fragment of radioactive waste is securely enclosed in the containment part of the device. Its decay energy is turned into an electrical current that can power the micro spectacle for several decades.