Philipp Ronnenberg

OpenPositioningSystem – Post Cyberwar series

The OpenPositioningSystem is an open navigation system. This means that it is not run or controlled by companies. The goal of the system is to gather interested people on the web platform OpenPS.info to develop the necessary software, hardware and testing processes. 

The idea is to use seismic activity produced by generators in power plants, turbines in pumping stations or other large machines running in factories. These generators, machines etc, produce seismic waves distributed through the ground. The sensor prototype can detect these seismic waves. In order to filter out the noise received from the ground the sensor needs to be tuned to a specific frequency. To record a specific frequency from a machine or turbine the sensor has to be as close as possible to the seismic source so that it can receive a clean and strong signal. These captured frequencies and their positions are stored in a database. When at least three signals are received and their positions on a map are known, one can calculate a position using triangulation and signal strength. 

Production Assistant
Neil Thomson