Lingxizhu Meng

Secret History of Human Animal Baby Pet

What if the act of genetically combining human with animal DNA was not illegal, nor did it violate moral or ethical codes of conduct? Animal-­Human Baby-­Pet is the speculative result of how synthetic biology might satisfy a biological urge while complying with modern societal restraints. The perspective taken is that of future wannabe grandparents, economically insecure individuals or couples, and people that are indecisive, too busy or not ready to commit to the life long responsibility of having a child. Would the possibility of creating a baby that closely resembles the parent, but gradually assumes some physical and behavioural dog characteristics by combining human and canine DNA help? The objective of this society’s endeavour is to create a new species that meets various needs. The result being something that is not your child but that is also not your pet. It is a combination of the purity that exists in both, the essence of affection one has when caring for a baby and the affection one receives from owning a dog.