Philipp Ronnenberg

Social Teletext Network – Post Cyberwar series

The Teletext Social Network uses analogue television broadcasting to provide a wireless communication infrastructure. Users can communicate without depending on network providers or governmental institutions. The network users themselves maintain the network.

In 2012, most of the broadcasting television channels in the UK switched from analogue to digital broadcasting resulting in parts of the analogue spectrum becoming free. Every user has a broadcasting (amplifier attached to an antenna) and a receiver device (antenna with an analogue TV set) at home. If users want to send information to other users on the network the information is encoded to teletext code. This teletext code is then inserted into a video-signal. The video-signal is broadcast to the main broadcasting station which is equipped with stronger amplifiers and higher antennas to distribute the information sent by users to the main station.

Production Assitant
Lana Z Porter