Nicholas Mortimer

The Enthusiast

Single Channel HD Video
(5 mins 45 secs) 

This piece considers a possible outcome to emerging research in determining a neurological basis for aesthetic appreciation. An enthusiast of Ikebana  (the ancient art of flower arranging)  has used a company to provide him with data which holds the key to his ‘ideal’ aesthetic arrangement. He is seen to be lost in a world of information, interpreting the data with a home made attempt at defining his personal vision of beauty.

‘The Enthusiast’  portrays the endless search for definitions and truths motivating many scientific and technological utopias. Current “fringe’ neuroscience is exploring hidden subconscious formulas, and neuro-marketing is already using subconscious data to tweak advertising campaigns. A book accompanies the short film which includes research highlights, two short essays and a select timeline of Ikebana and neuroscience. 

The narrative is designed to act as a series of metaphors, by highlighting a historical approach to defining a creative form (Ikebana / flower arranging) which is placed into a scenario which deals with updated neurological endeavours which can define subjective experiences. 

Special thanks to
Zara Mckenzie
Fiona James
Sophie Yetton
Matthew Mcquillan
Nina Pope
Noam Toran