Aloïs Bordenave

The Star Light Collection

The stars we gaze upon in the sky have traveled at the speed of light for millions of years to enter our eyes. From Earth we see stars as they were, not as they are. Each second of star light (300,000 km/sec) can be seen as a unique moment of existence in time and space.

The aim of this project is to create a personal collection of “starlight” by transforming time and space into a tangible form. As musical instruments have analogous sound waves, so too stars have interior acoustic waves. Scientists can record the sound of individual stars by observing their light patterns; this is called “stellar seismology”. The unique  sound of each star is determined by the shape of the distortion created by the starlight as it travels through outer space. Every twinkle that we see is a one-of-a-kind distortion, just like the sound we hear when listening to a musician playing at a live performance. This device detects existing information about each star and records its particular variation of light as seen through the telescope. The light variations are then transformed into sound vibrations which are cut into the disc forming a sonic map of the sky.