Dimitri Constantinides

Vast & Troubled Oceans

This project is a cautionary tale that portrays our troubled relationship to our vast oceans. It focuses on the unseen effects of our toxic throw-away plastic culture. The intention is to suggest how this might affect seemingly distant (to us) geographical areas and cultures on our planet. Via a travelogue, the record of a toxic journey unfolds. This speculative travelogue chronicles some of the potential worlds imagined in response to the Vast and Troubled Oceans witnessed.

A journey from the Sea Gypsies of the Indian Ocean to the Inuit Eskimos of the Arctic Ocean.

Toxic fish whose stomachs are full of plastic debris highlight the problem of oceanic plastic pollution. Fish as involuntary garbage collectors represent the global scale of our neglect. Very likely, within the next 10 years fish may cease to exist. What sort of legacy will be passed on to the next generation? And what will we do then?

Tell Tales:

Tales of 1000 foot waves, month long storms and sea creatures the size of luxury liners, shanty fish factories, squat workers, floating sea gypsies in the ungoverned empty high seas……and plastic. A lot of plastic. Plastic that is forever… Whether they are stories of fact or fantasy will no longer matter. What will matter will be the unravelling of our nostalgic, fragile and guilty relationship to the sea.